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Hi Guys, I've finally decided to upgrade my trusty Bold 9000 to the 9860. It ... BlackBerry Smartphones forum

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    Premium Leather Case for 9860 ???


    Hi Guys,
    I've finally decided to upgrade my trusty Bold 9000 to the 9860.

    It dues for delivery in a couple of days.

    I'm trying to source a premium leather case for it (my 9000 has a Piel Frama which has been excellent) and wondered if anyone had suggestions or experience.

    Normally, I'd go for the same make as my Bold has had, and indeed Piel Frama do a case called the "552 iMagnum Black Leather Case for BlackBerry Torch 9850 / 9860"

    My concern here is that (I assume) I'll be using the 9860 in landscape mode much more than portrait, and that a standard flip case may prove impractical.

    I've seen a "Capdase Classic Leather Book Case for BlackBerry Torch 9860" which is a "book style" rather than "flip" which is a really good price (£16). My worry here is that, for that kind of money it's not going to be top quality....

    I'm not looking to waste money but I'm happy to pay for a decent product.

    Any suggestions???


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    Check into Sena, Fortte and Vaja. Don't know if they have cases for that device but aside from Pielframa, those are some of the nicer cases.
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