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I am in the middle of rolling out the BB10s for my company. However, I've ... BlackBerry Smartphones forum

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    Install apps on users devices


    I am in the middle of rolling out the BB10s for my company. However, I've noticed that apps do not all transfer over when you do a device swap. I need to know if there is a way I can download apps to users' phones without them having to sign into Blackberry World and do all the work. Most of my users are pretty good about loading up their own phones, but some want everything done for them. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    If you are using the Switch Device Wizard in the Desktop Manager (if that's even what it's called anymore) and it doesn't transfer the apps, seems to me that means the app isn't compatible with BB10. I know the BBSAK utility will allow you to backup and restore apps. I just remember an issue with BBSAK restoring the apps to a different location than I was used to. They all worked but they weren't where I expected them to be when I went looking for them in the application manager. I'm sure file structure is way different than what I last used though.

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