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I have a Bold 9780 on O2 in the UK and every so often it ... BlackBerry Smartphones forum

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    Bold 9780 call failed issue


    I have a Bold 9780 on O2 in the UK and every so often it suddenly starts to give me a Call Failed notice and the phone will not work at all, when this happens I have strong 3G signal and no reason for Call failed, this was really bugging me however, I have figured out that if I under settings, Mobile network, I change from 3G to 2G it resolves this problem. After making a few calls I switch it back to 2G or 3G setting the phone goes back to a 3G strong signal and makes call OK. Does anybody understand why this is happening?

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    First thing I'd do is contact O2 and tell them exactly what you've told us here. It sounds like a carrier issue. They can perform some troubleshooting and hopefully get your problem resolved.

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    Agree with RogerG on this. Get on to them straight away.
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