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    Post Blackberry 10 is making me CRAZY!!!!!


    I am by no means a Blackberry expert. My personal phone is an iPhone 5. However, half of my job is managing mobility for my company and this Blackberry 10 roll out is killing me! I have approximately 500 users, of which about 250-300 are now transitioning to Blackberry 10, an equal number of Z10s and Q10s. My assigned device is a Q10.

    First off, having to enter network passwords to complete configuration is a pain. I can't be resetting all my users' network passwords in order to set up their phones, and I can't be chasing them around to get them to enter them as I have users in multiple locations.

    Secondly, for every phone that I do get configured correctly and connected to Link, there is another one that Link will not recognize or will not allow sign into Blackberry ID on Link even though online and on-device work fine.

    Password keeper will not transfer from older device to new device. Not all my users use this app, but those that do are finding it extremely frustrating that they have to install from App World, then either manually transfer all their passwords by typing them in again, or they contact me and I have to remote connect to their computers and do a partial restore from a backup.

    I have received more complaints and requests to roll back to 9900 than I have comments of a positive nature. As I said, I am no Blackberry expert, but some of my users have been Blackberry folks for years and they are not at all impressed with the 10.

    And don't even get them started on the lack of the scroll button, home button, back button bar that used to "drive" the phone.

    And the fact that I can't skip through the "Essential Gestures" crap is a pain. I have to go through that for each and every phone I set up.

    The biggest complaint I hear is "Why is Blackberry trying to be iPhone? I want a Blackberry to work like a Blackberry."

    I think the Blackberry 10 platform is going to be another nail in Blackberry's coffin.
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    Thanks for the input.
    Rather than being frustrating, it's all deja vú...I mean, all the troubles we all went through when we all were BB fans. No thanks. Not anymore.

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    Blackberry is not Blackberry any more, it has changed to try and keep up with the others but it lost what it did very well in the change.

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