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    what is the difference between a launcher and a ui overlay ?


    does anyone know ?

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    Launcher typically consists of just the homescreens (minus the status bar) and the app tray.
    It doesn't skin the rest of the os and is an app in and of itself.

    The UI is a skin. The colors/icons etc are imbedded throughout the os. You will see HTC sense throughout your device, from the status bar, the visual (and to some extent the functional) appeal in settings, and throughout menus etc. A launcher can't affect these.

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    You can think of Windows in the PC market as a UI, providing you with a very user friendly environment, in the early days you would run a PC through DOS no graphics. Certain manufactures like to put a different UI or skin as Jay puts it on top of the standard Android interface. A launcher on the other hand is a short cut which will launch a program, sometimes it provides a quick link to a web window, other times it is a shortcut (normally with an icon to start an App). Of course I could be totally wrong as these days definitions change.
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