I decided to try this out since there is a 1 month free trial offer available until June 11th according to the VZW V Cast web page. So far I like it, good variety of programming, seems to stream pretty well for me. Occasionally it gets a bit pixely or distorted for a couple seconds but recovers well. Unfortunately it does not play full screen though, that is it's biggest flaw but if you're stuck in a waiting room or airport or even bored at work, you can find something to distract or entertain you.

You can get a monthly subscription for $10 for unlimited access, you can also get it for $3 for 1 day-24 hour access which is great for occasional users. There is also some premium content that costs extra. I have not fully explored every menu/channel/show, but so far most content has been free(included in subscription cost). I did see a music video that cost $2.49 extra though.

CAP2010060806181.jpg CAP201006080618.jpg CAP201006080620.jpg

Download the app free in the Market and choose your subscription options in the app.