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Thinking of buying a Samsung Captivate. Being as it is one of the only "good" ... Android Smartphones forum

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    Thinking about buying a captivate.


    Thinking of buying a Samsung Captivate. Being as it is one of the only "good" android with AT&T u was wondering how my fellow drabness feel about it and what your take on the phone. I have had a Bb 9000 and 9700, iPhone 3GS and like them All but want something different. I guess basically looking for the pros and cons of people who have had similar phones and have switched to android.

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    Coming from a 9700 I was very much on the fence between Captivate and iPhone 4. I ended up choosing the iPhone partly because it was just so inviting with its smoothness and slick OS and partly because AT&T was offering 30 day return without restocking fee. I've had it for about 2 weeks and probably going to return it to get the Captivate. It's a wonderful phone, and I didn't like how Captivate felt more rough in its general behavior (icons, smoothness of web browsing, etc.). But in the end, it just has too many limitations.

    I can post back more if/when I go through this process. But in a nutshell, the iPhone does things, within its limitations, VERY well. Everything just works smoothly with a minimum of fuss or effort. The Captivate seems like it will take some work in getting it just the way you like, but that's part of the fun, right?! I won't go into the advantages since I haven't actually owned this device, but check Youtube - there are a ton of videos on this phone as well as comparing with iPhone.

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