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Samsung has sure come a long way. from their good old touch wiz 1 which ... Android Smartphones forum

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    Smile The history of the well known samsung UI.


    Samsung has sure come a long way. from their good old touch wiz 1 which you will see on a samsung star, then we have our touch wiz 2 that you see on phones like the Jet that I was discussing earlier, here is the link :

    then we have touch wiz 3 that is on the galaxy S
    and finally touch wiz 4 which is on the beautiful S2

    my mom is getting one with in a day or so... while I'm stuck with my contract I had a year and a half ago... yes as you have read my profile the HTC snap S521. o bomber... this is going to be a long few months till I get my upgrade. o well...

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    Good things come to those who wait. When it's time you will have some pretty good choices too.


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    Perhaps even an S3 but that's another ting I have against technology. you buy some extremely expensive cellphone on contract and about 4 months later you could get it for half price at some supper market. but that's just me.
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    Or as little as $.01.....that's right....a freakin penny..any smartphone!!!!!!!!! Think I'm gonna get creative and add a line to my family account to take advantage of this! A Skyrocket for a penny..unbelievable!

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    Wouldn't it be nice to know that your device is supported throughout your two year agreement and even longer. Guess that's the price you pay for widgets.

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    I hear now that the star and jet could have used bada OS with a touchwiz overly.

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