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my bold has a screen creak also... actually may be a battery cover creak...... Android Smartphones forum

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    my bold has a screen creak also... actually may be a battery cover creak...

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    Quote Originally Posted by terrapin View Post
    Google "screen creak on G1" you'll see what I mean. There are owners actually cutting off bits of plastic or whatever with exacto knives to stop this annoying and poor build issue - that's just crazy!
    Especially when all one has to do, is take it back and they will give you a new one. It's a known issue that only effects one batch. Therefore if a customer happens to get one, instead of getting out the knife, they should take advantage of the replacement opportunity.

    Mine? It's just fine thank you. HTC is known for making very good handsets. They have a 64% market share.


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    Co sign. Don't do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ItsNowOrNever View Post
    I thought TMO was known to be cheap about their phones and plans...

    Hmm...interesting review, but I have played with a few G1's and found them to be quite the opposite of your post...maybe you just got a bad batch?
    They have the cheapest plans and phones, yes. His comment was not accurate. ATT and Verizon's phones are more costly out of contract than TMO. Not even close.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sk1d View Post
    It would be an insult to technology to consider a switch from any BlackBerry to a G1

    What a waste
    Hmm... I don't agree. I was an avid Blackberry power user for a couple of years and, after it got stolen, I played around with the various cell phone companies and with various phones. I have tried the Bold, the Storm, the Samsung Instinct, the iPhone 3g, and many others. The phone that I ended up sticking with the the T-Mobile G1.

    For one, the "My Faves" plan saves me a lot of money since I typically call the same people over and over. the $35 data and unlimited texting works out good too.

    As far at the phone itself, it is capable of anything the iPhone is capable of, but it also has push for gmail, great texting, the keyboard is really not bad and doesn't feel any worse than a blackberry other than the keys are a little too flush.

    Everything on the G1 is a lot faster as in navigation, doing stuff, and typing.

    The ONLY thing about the G1 is that it feels like the flip open screen may have problems down the road. However, it hasn't yet and I haven't heard of it happening yet either, so I'm gonna stick with it. Also, if the hardware does have a problem, well, it is warrantied and I also have insurance on it.

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    IKnow a few people with the G1 it a great phone considering the other choices on t-mobile. I just believe bberries have endless capabilities, I just wish sprint will introduced more bberries like other companies.Everyone getting new models except sprint

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    Got a G1 for my wife in December. She switched from a Blackberry 8100. In theory, it is an awesome phone. The app store is cool. and there are some great free apps out.


    She has the white G1, and you can't see the keyboard unless it is at a certain angle. When it's completely dark, it's fine, but a dimly lit room, good luck.

    She also has problems dropping calls and the ringer going to silent without rhyme or reason.

    Luckily, T-mobile is awesome and they are replacing the phone with a new one under the warranty. So, we will see if this one pans out.

    Looks like it will be going on eBay soon so I can buy my wife another Blackberry.

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    I'm on week 5 or 6 of my G1 experience. This is the first non-blackberry phone I've had in the past 5 years.

    I have a Curve that my wife is currently using and likes, so I can't get it back now I bought the G1 from a friend, so I didn't use my upgrade.

    It's a pretty cool phone, has the ability to do many things, but I'm going back to the Blackberry. I'm being very careful with it, I have to keep it in good condition so I can sell it to get the Javelin in a few weeks

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    You know I have had the G1 for almost 2 weeks now and I have no problems with it whatsoever. I mean there are some features that i liked about my Pearl that the G1 doesnt have, but on the flip side, my G1 has features that my Pearl didnt either. Overall, the build quality is excellent. I have a Rev.2 G1. The Rev.1 G1's didnt come with the USB adapter for the headset. The build quality is a lot better and i notice that the touch screen is very much more responsive than i had first seen. I seen the G1 when it first came out and I wasnt too inthused about it, but i think they changed the hardware after the white ones came out. I dont have the squeek problem with the screen, i dont have the flimsyness of the slider, and that is even after numberous coworkers thinking it flipped up like the Sidekick and trying to attempt to lift the screen. I say if it was anything less than sturdy it proly woulda broke.

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    I actually have a storm on tmobile and I just received a g1 yesterday. I love the screen on my storm, i like the fact that it is blackberry (coming from the curve), but typing is killing me. One day I can type fast and the next day it doesnt want to work for me. Sometimes I wish they would not have came out with the click screen. The g1 screen isnt as great as the storms but I can type great on the physical keyboard, I love the app store..tons of great apps for free! I love the threaded messages!, it just seems more fun to use. The storm would not be my first choice as a business device (that would be the bold). but I needed another phone and since tmobile doesnt have many and i wanted to try a google phone i picked up the g1 just for fun.

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    I tried to Storm. I didn't like it at all. Way too slow and hard to type. I currently have a curve, but am going to give the G1 a try. I've played with one and was impressed. I also really like some of the apps that are available. G1 Central is one of them. It ties your GrandCentral number with your MyFavs numbers (Free airtime for all calls!). T-Mobile wanted $349.99 for it as I have 10 months left on my contract. They dropped the price to $159.99, and I bit. We'll see. I won't get rid of the curve right away.
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    I had Pearl and upgraded to Curve and now G1....for all the greatness of blackberry i dont miss it at all....G1 has so many features and apps that kept me busy. The fact that Its got Trackball, Keyboard and a touchscreen wins it for me.....surfing online with the G1 replaced my Laptop....and of course i used the laptop for major work that G1 cant do.

    all the OP mention and others here that they dislike is correct and doesnt bother me...I said to myself I will never leave blackberry phones now what do i have? I was afraid at first getting rid of my BB since Im used to it but glad i did.

    it's all personal preferences, People will always find flaws and what they hate in any devices....none is perfect....I got my G1 since launch it never gave me any hard time (luckily for me)
    I think G1 is fun and addictive and lots of room for more features.
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    The G1 is the only phone i can use at this point! The Storm was way to sluggish when i tried it! Id select 1 thing, nothing happens, so id press it again and... FREEZE!!! My G1 dont have the probs this guy mentioned, but i dont doubt that there were some bad ones released. AS EXPECTED! Read archer's post before you buy this phone.. he hit it on the head.....But Me? With the apps im using now?!?! Theres no way I could go with BB at this time! It has nothing to offer me except better email! We'll see about the 8900, but with no 3g, outrageous price tag, and tiny screen, I dont have high hopes for it either.
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    Android Phones

    I'm checking in to give an updated report on the Android Platform, my G1, and my Agora Pro smartphones.

    I must say that this G1 is an amazing phone. Build quality is very good and it's been quite durable and scratch resistant. In fact it has no scratches at all despite the fact that I dropped it once, on a hardwood floor. The keyboard is quite good. Since like any other smartphone it simply takes a day or so to become accustomed to it being a bit different from whatever brand of phone you are currently using. I've had it since day one when they were first released months ago and I've put a lot of time on it.

    The voice clarity and signal strength have been great. I'm very impressed with the function of the phone portion as it's every bit as good as my T-Mo 8320. As far as other features and functions of the G1, it's been a lot of fun to use. In my opinion some of the people writing negative reports either do no own the phone and are only giving "show room opinions" or they were too impatient to learn something new. Unlike any other OS, or UI, the Android platform is very flexible and good for a very wide variety of tasks. We are just scraping the surface of the huge potential this platform is capable of.

    Currently I'm using my new Android Powered Agora Pro. Just a few days old it's a stunning phone. Build quality is as good as any phone I've owned. The keyboard is excellent and has all of the comfort and speed that I was used to with my Curve. The major difference is key shape which on the Agora is really well thought out. As a result I can type faster on this than any other smartphone I've had. The Android OS as implemented in this model could be likened to a second generation model. It's enhanced capabilities are very impressive and the fun factor is right up there with the iPhone in terms of web surfing and the like.

    So for those of you who are progressive, like to keep up with the latest in technology, the Android platform is certainly something you will want to check out.

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    my curve broke so now im on the g1 so far so good....

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