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I'm an avid blackberry user for almost 7 years. I am thinking of switching to ... Android Smartphones forum

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    Switch to verizons samsung facinate....


    I'm an avid blackberry user for almost 7 years. I am thinking of switching to the samsung facinate. I was told that the email is just as fast (push) as blackberry, as long as you use gmail. true?

    For those who have you like it? Pros? Cons?

    I've heard no flash for the camera....thats a real bummer for me.


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    No, the email isn't as fast as BB. Its 15-20 seconds slower. Not a big deal for me but you have to decide if it is for you. I own the Droid X but have spent enough time with the Fascinate to give you some input.

    The Fascinate does indeed have a LED flash for the camera and takes great pictures and HD video at 30fps.

    Most vivid screen on the market.
    Super fast Hummingbird processor and GPU.
    Its Android!

    Cons.(for me)
    Its shinny, all plastic body, feels cheap.
    Its a fingerprint magnet!
    Bing search and maps. Not Google.
    Looks like an iphone imitation.
    No LED notifications indicator.
    You can't learn anything if you're talking!

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    Heya friend, I just went from my bold to the epic (sprints gs phone).and haven't looked back. As soon as you get the battery cinditioned it blows every blackberry out of the water, literally. I was a berry diehard, even left an iphone I had for my bold(iphone may have b een worst phone of my life). Compared to he new gs phones......blackberries are more like v8 juice.

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