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    Samsung Intercept (Virgin Mobile Google Android): Maps, docs, tethering?


    I'm strongly interested in getting the Samsung Intercept (Google Android) phone on Virgin Mobile's prepaid service, but have a few questions before I commit:

    1) Is Google's "My Maps" feature automatically included with this phone's OS?
    A friend of mine has a higher-end Android phone with T-Mobile, and on a recent road trip, he was able to view and edit a customized Google map that he had created at home which displayed and mapped all of our eating and sightseeing destinations. It was incredibly useful, and I'm wondering if the Intercept also has it, despite being a lower-end Android. If not, is there a "My Maps" app I can download for this phone? I know that app is available for iPhone users.

    2) Has anyone tried GDocs for the Android? Does this app allow viewing AND creating AND editing of Google docs/spreadsheets while retaining formatting?
    Because after looking around the web, I saw a few older links from 2009 which indicated that previous versions of GDocs did not allow for spreadsheet editing, did not retain the same formatting between one's laptop and Android, and did not allow changes in formatting on the phone. Does the most recent version of GDocs rectify these issues?

    If not, is Documents to Go available to be purchased as an app for the Intercept? Because from what I understand, Docs to Go has full viewing/creating/editing capability for both word documents and spreadsheets while retaining formatting in either direction.

    Or is there another word processing/spreadsheet editing program available for the Android that can handle all of these functions?

    3) Can the Intercept be tethered to an iPod Touch (4th Generation) using PdaNet?
    If not, is there an alternate way to utilize the Android's internet capability so that I can access the web on my iPod even when I'm not in a wifi hotspot? Maybe there's an app that can utilize bluetooth for this purpose?

    Note that I'm not looking to tether the Intercept to my laptop; I'm just interested in somehow hooking it up with my iPod Touch for occasional use since the iPod's browser and apps are super fast when in a wifi hotspot, and presumably faster than the Android.

    Apologies for any incorrect assumptions on my end, and thanks in advance to anyone who can answer my questions!

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    Welcome to Pinstack spuytenduyvil. Don't know if I can help you much but I'll give it a shot.

    1. Yes, it should have the "My Maps" feature.

    2. I can't say because its running Android version 2.1. My device is running 2.2 and you can view, create, edit docs, but I dont know if it can be done on 2.1.

    3. I could be wrong, but I believe PDA.Net uses a usb connection for tethering to a pc, so that wouldn't work for and ipod. Like I said, I could be wrong. You could tether to the ipod if the device is rooted, but developers must have interest in the device to work on getting it rooted.

    But even if it could do those 3 things, is this the Android device you really want? Its running old software, & not very powerful compared to whats available. Good luck with your choice.
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    Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it.

    Yeah, the Intercept does seem to have some limitations compared to other Androids, but I really want to switch to Virgin Mobile because of the super low monthly prices and no contract, and the Intercept looks to be the best phone they offer.

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