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So I got a Galaxy Nexus. I have managed to fix all my little issues ... Android Smartphones forum

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    Problems. Need an opinion or two to help make up my mind.


    So I got a Galaxy Nexus.

    I have managed to fix all my little issues with it with one exception.The battery life just plain sucks.

    Standby time is ok. No real issues there. However once I start using the device all hell break loose on usage.
    I have taken these steps so far.
    1. Wifi/GPS are always off unless I need them.
    2. Custom ROM which lowers auto dim on the screen to 30%. Seems more than bright enough except for outside.
    3. I have stopped every app from auto starting that doesn't need to.
    4. Nothing syncs except for gmail. Contacts and the like sync when something new is added, which isn't very often.
    5. When first got I let it charge to 100% then drained and recharged overnight with device off, twice.

    I haven't read or come across anything else that can be done short of making the device unusable as I need to. I don't want data off, I have turned off CDMA/LTE, it is just on CDMA.

    I have ordered a 2200mah battery, though I doubt it will be that much an improvement over the stock 1750 (that's the GSM spec, looked for CDMA spec but came up empty).

    I have 1 week left to return or exchange. So here are my choices. I can:
    1. Suck it up and see what the 2200mah does but this takes me beyond the 1 week.
    2. Take it back and get a replacement. I'm pretty sure this is my 1 exchange but need to double check that.
    3. Take it back and get the HTC Evo 4g LTE (what a long name that thing has)

    Some things are kinda keeping me from making a quick decision. I like AOSP. I really don't want an overlay, no matter how much Sense 4.0 is improved. Root on the Evo has been achieved but not S-Off. This limits some of the things I like to do with my device. The styling has begun to grow on me. I just don't know if I can deal with that Sense. It will be awhile before CM9 comes to town with it, and the "de-sensing" some developers provide is less than perfect. I will be lurking the forums at XDA for a bit to confirm that.

    My issues with the Nexus are just battery life and it get's hot. I mean hot to the point where I can feel it through my pants. That's what happened today, and I believe that since i was in an area that had low signal it kept getting and losing signal. There lies the last issue. Here at home it's doable, but the signal sucks compared to the Evo 3d and GS2.

    I'm torn guys. This device has to last at most 20 months unless Cas gives me her upgrade in November of next year. Even if that happens she is going to get whatever I have.

    Basically my GS2 breaking has put me in a tight spot. If it hadn't I would have picked up an S3 when it hit or maybe held out longer for whatever Note Sprint ends up carrying. Such is the life of a Poor Hillbilly.

    Give me some guidance. Your opinions, one and all, matter.


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    I tried to answer you last night but it seemed as if PS was bricked at the time. And I messaged you on Talk. You didn't see it.
    Well Jay its a dillemma . I went back to the One X. It's quick. The screen is wider and not so cramped as the Nexus or the SIII. Battery holds up pretty well if unneeded services are switched off. Juice Defender takes care of that. Sense 4 is sidelined and I use Nova. Fast and efficient. I don't need to root and rom. It's a performer as is.
    The Beats sound is fabulous if you have the earphones that go with it.
    In the end it's personal.
    I'm enjoying mine. And I've done something today I haven't done for a while. I got the phone unlocked from Vodafone, ordered a HTC leather pouch, the Casemate barely there case and screen protector. You can say I've grown fond of this OneX.
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    Well last night I downloaded the files to return to stock. Spoke to Sprint store and they haven't got the HTC in yet. Will visit tomorrow and see what I am going to do. May call the Customer Service Line and set something up there, maybe I can get an extension on that 14 day because of issues.

    I got your message. Rough night. When I finally read it you were offline. Didn't want to disturb ya.
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