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I switched from my Blackberry 8900 to a Samsung Epic and I'm not too impressed ... Android Smartphones forum

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    Not too impressed...


    I switched from my Blackberry 8900 to a Samsung Epic and I'm not too impressed with Android. Not sure if it's because I'm using Sprint after being with TMobile or what. My Epic just doesn't have anything that makes it better than my Blackberry was. I may switch to an iPhone later on to see if it's as good as the hype. Android is over-hyped if you ask me.

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    Android over hyped? Not hardly! One good thing about Android is that you have many great devices to choose from. The down side is there are devices you should steer clear of. That includes any made by Samsung at this point. They have become notorious for not updating their firmware, and leaving their customers hanging. You should've went for the Evo, or if you needed a keyboard, Evo Shift. Your Epic is running year old firmware and that's not Android's fault. Its Samsung's. Return it and get a better Android phone made by HTC or Motorola.
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    Personally I am loving my Droid X, I switched from a BlackBerry 9550 Storm 2. There are things I absolutely love about BB, the whole email system, the customization of notifications being at the top. BUT... my main email is gmail, so the android push works fine and I'll deal with polling for the rest. Android apps are SO much cheaper, if not free, and BB just hasn't kept up with the multimedia part. Not to mention just about every commercial mentions an iPhone or Android app, no mention of BB. As for the iPhone, if you want absolutely no customization on it (unless you jailbreak it), go for it. My cousin has one and it works well... as long as you don't short out the antenna with your hand.

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