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what does a Nexus have that a normal droid does not? or is it just ... Android Smartphones forum

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    what does a Nexus have that a normal droid does not? or is it just a name brand? (say comparing a Nexus prime to a galaxy S2 mini)

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    Nexus is a name given to a flagship model of Android phone that is a pure Google expirience. No overlaying UI (sense, motoblur, touchwiz) and has no carrier bloatware. Usually launched with newest version of Android. Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the latest with Ice Cream Sandwich.

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    Surprisingly, the Nexus is looking like a pretty overrated device to me at the moment. Judging strictly from all the videos, it doesn't look as fast or smooth as the GS2. I see lag where there shouldn't be. Why? Could be the processor, I don't know, but I'm not impressed. What I don't understand is all the rave reviews its getting. The GS2 is proof that Android should be a lag free experience. But there it is on the Nexus. Its unacceptable! Any Android device that doesn't move like, or better than the GS2, is a fail in my book. The standard has been set. I'll know for sure when I get my hands on one, but I'm pretty sure I'm passing on it. Patiently waiting for the GS3.
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    I can't believe I'm saying this but the nexus 1 from HTC has better specs than the nexus S from samsung. I don't know about screen res and camera performance but the Nexus 1 has 2ce as fast internet, same processor. perhaps with producing HTC would be googles best bet.

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    In the aspect of the design the Samsung Nexus will have advantage over the droid. It has uniform front surface and rounded look will surely attract the many people.

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