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There is now a free New York Times app available in the Android Market. The ... Android Smartphones forum

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    New York Times App Available for Android


    There is now a free New York Times app available in the Android Market. The app has a simple uncluttered UI and is easy to navigate. You can read articles offline(before you are out of signal range just open the app and refresh the sections you may want to read), adjust the font size, easily share articles in many ways, swipe between articles, and watch video.

    The app is clean and fast, but lacking in some features. No landscape mode and lack of links in articles are my two biggest issues. For example, the "What We're Reading" features have no clickable links within the articles on the app. So I would have to find the article on the site via the browser or use the share feature to send myself the link then go to it via the browser. If they don't want to add links in the app, then a menu option to open articles in the browser would be good. If you frequently read the NYT then definitely give this a try.

    Here are a few screen shots:

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    I like the NYT Apps but it sounds like it's similar to the iPad App in the sense they limit your content and you end up leaving the App for more information. I think this may have to do with the Kindle Content Contract. It makes no sense for them to do that unless there is a contract in place holding the NYT's to limiting the content.

    No inks when you are already reading a story makes no sense at all. Linking to another NYT's story is easy to do and would not hurt them in anyway. This is what makes me think there must be come contractual agreement not to do so.

    Nice App tho and I hope we get to see a full featured App soon. I must admit I use the browser to read the NYT's b/c the App is so limited.
    The web site is HTML5 driven so you get the real content and while it's not as nice as the App it does contain all the stories with links.

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