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How do I get to my inbox and sentbox with the messaging?... Android Smartphones forum

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    Need help by someone that has used an SII.


    How do I get to my inbox and sentbox with the messaging?

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    I don't quite understand the question. Can you give more details? Are you asking how to separate sent and received text messages?

    Aso, how are you liking the GS2 so far?
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    like on other phones you should have: Drafts, outbox, sent items, inbox and folders. these are what I'm looking for.

    As for your 2nd question: Excellent phone but the Duel core from cortex is just going overboard. its a very complicated device. ONE THING I WAS DISAPPOINTED ABOUT: when you push the center button... you know to unlock the phone (turn the screen on and drag the image to the right) the phone takes about 2-3 seconds before it responds. I know its not much but come on...its an SII. oh...and this ain't my phone its my using an HTC Snap S521, LOL as for my phone love it but it seriously needs a software upgrade.

    But any answers to what was mentioned above...about the messaging ?

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    With the stock message app there are no folders. Drafts are viewable if you start a message and cancel (back). Menu/drafts will show them once you come back.

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