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I've had my N1 for about a month, and now I've decided I want to ... Android Smartphones forum

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    need assistance with rooting Nexus One


    I've had my N1 for about a month, and now I've decided I want to root it. I've been lurking on several Android sites looking for clear instructions on how to root a Nexus One.

    I installed Froyo a couple weeks ago and want to keep it simply because for legal reasons CyanogenMod doesn't include Google apps such as Android Market. So that would mean more flashing, more installing and more possibly screwing things up for an inexperienced Nexus One user. I've been told to look here, as Cyanogen made a ROM designed specifically to be placed over an existing Froyo installation.

    Anybody use this ROM? How did you go about rooting it, what methods did you use, and what problems did you come across. I've noticed some users that attempted rooting their device with Superboot ( ) have issues with it, and I would prefer that the rooting process goes smoothly as possible...I'm a little wary about doing it at all considering the Nexus One is a $500 device.

    I need to be spoon-fed stuff like this. I'm a complete noob, and nervous when it comes to rooting/upgrading, primarily because I don't want to screw it up. I would appreciate if any Nexus One users or anybody experienced with rooting/flashing ROMs would weigh in on this a little.

    Thanks very much in advance for any help.
    My Phone: Nexus One
    Version: 2.3.7
    What I'm running now: CM7 Nightly latest build

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    PM sent. I'll post a thread tonight on rooting for all that may need it in the future.

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    I'm also interested in rooting but finding different roms confusing which one to install. I would also like to keep Froyo.

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