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    Mytouch slide?


    I dont know how long this android has been out but after seeing it I want one so bad. Im currently a bb 8900 user and I like it but I want something different.

    I like the touch screen and the slide out keyboard and of course its a android and when I get it it will be my first droid . So I have read some of the post about the mytouch 3g and they are making me want the MYT slide even more. So if anyone has one or is getting one would you let me know the pro and cons, becuase I plan on getting it next month.

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    Well first off you will make a good choice with the slide. Have the mt3g (good phone) but the slide is much better. Bigger screen size better overall feel and you will love the sense UI .battery is not bad but could be better. the memory of the phone is not to good but if you root and have a2sd then you have a lot of free space. Love the swype feature and the slide out qwerty is good but don't use it much. The camera is excellent crisp clear 5mp pix and flash is good to have (unlike the mt3g) if you are on social networks a lot then this will be your status update buddy! with one click you can update twitter and facebook! upload to youtube is much friendlier. Overall its the best android for tmo (personally) hope this helps..

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    That's great news, I can't wait to get this andriod. The only thing I might have problems with is the favs, I didn't like it when it was on the regular phones I hope its something I can live withhout. But other then that I think its going to be a great first for me.

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    Points on the MT3G Slide

    Hi All,

    i know it has been a while since I posted so I figured id offer the following:

    I have been running both mytouch 3G Slide (MTS) and my 9700 (BB) - side by side for a month to see pros and cons
    Here is what I can offer -

    Preface - the BB is locked to Tmo on official OS .714, the slide is on 2.1 out of the box (Not rooted yet - THANKS EUGENE373 & Co.)
    1. I need a BatBelt to carry both + a work phone- I feel like such a geek =)
    2. 3G in my area has been superb on both devices - when I'm not in 3G - EDGE is 4 bars strong
    3. Tethering speed - BB on DTM is OK - blazing fast through Cradlepoint 500
    4. Tethering speed - MTS on PDA net is fair - cant wait for Froyo to drop for wireless tether
    5. Mail is delivered quickly on both devices - I'm only using a address on the BB and the Gmail program on both devices - figured it would be the fair benchmark
    6. CALLS - both are clear over tmo network - asided from known 'dead spots' in the areas I travel
    7. If you are in a fringe area of T-mobile's the Slide is missing UMA
    8. Each device has excellent qualities - SWYPE, though, is pulling me to the MTS more and more.
    9. Google voice is installed on both devices as well so I can really only carry one (If I wanted to)
    10. Thinking about it, I'll prolly have to order the BatBelt in several colors....
    11. Google sync works flawlessly with both devices - change one - it changes on the other
    12. Google has stepped up the whole convergence game to unexpected levels IMHO.
    13. I am now MORE confused after really trying to differentiate these devices which to keep. I guess for now it would be both.
    14. Both run social sites - / FaceBook /MySpace/Twitter well -
    15. Wifi didnt break 10Mbps on the BB, didnt break 12Mbps on the MTS
    16. Going back and forth between the MTS and BB keyboard (Daily) stretches fingers LOL
    17. The MTS browser and zoom feature are sweet.
    18. All in all it depends what you utilize your device for work or play.

    IMO the MTS and other devices are coming closer to what a BB has always been - a mail machine, a phone and secure communications tool with whistles and bells.

    I hoped this helps.......I'll remain confused for the rest of the day.

    If you are in fringe coverage areas a majority of the time BB & UMA are required - If you are in a solid coverage area a majority of the time Slide away

    THE FAVES THING - On the BB we had the 'myFaves' circle interface - which was nice - The MTS has a Faves gallery which is not your favorite five, but favorite contacts - it could be set as your favorite five, its not the carousel we have been used to since the 8100 days - Almost a hybrid contact listing!!!
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    Ohhh BTW........just what exactly is a Bunky?

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