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hi guys i need your help, my friend got motorola cell phone, he ask my ... Android Smartphones forum

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    Motorola Cell Phone Internet How to get connect on PC


    hi guys i need your help, my friend got motorola cell phone, he ask my help to get internet on PC from cell phone, having internet service from Mobilicity, and internet is working fine on my cell phone, but when i connect phone to pc with usb cable wire i can't get connected to internet on my Computer.

    i got
    1)-Motorola Cell Phone with internet on it.
    2)-USB Cable Wire.
    3)-Service from Mobilicity (Phone+Internet). Not having permission to connect internet on PC.
    4)-Got my cell phone number.
    5)-don't have any Disc, to install any Drivers etc.
    6)-got Windows XP PC.

    i try to configure as a Dialup Modem, so i connect my phone to pc via usb cable, and go to the network connection, dial-up etc, but not get connected.

    Any help will be appricated.


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    Welcome to PinStack, tester. Is this an Android device you are trying to use as a modem? I'm not familiar with the devices, but I'm sure someone else here will be able to help you out.

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    Is it a Droid?
    If so let us know, and what version?

    Go to settings/about phone/android version.

    Post what you see. Koush has a non rooted USB tether and if its rooted can get it rolling as well.

    Just need more info.

    PDA Net market link

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