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Hello guys, I need your help in order to choose the smartphone that matches my ... Android Smartphones forum

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    LG Optimus Pro?


    Hello guys,

    I need your help in order to choose the smartphone that matches my needs.

    My needs are:

    - calling
    - checking emails and, sometimes, writing some..but not too long
    - using two apps related to photography
    - watching photos on flickr
    - using a navigator
    - surfing the net
    - listening to music

    I don't care about internal camera, wherease qwerty is a must have (I just don't get used to virtual keyboards). I played with htc chacha and that is a really good qwerty, but that phone is over my budget (that is 200 euro more or less).

    As per above I was thinking about LG Optimus Pro (in Italy 170 euro) but there are a couple of things that I don't like:

    - only 256 ram
    - low definition display (maybe not the best to see photos)

    Would you recommend this device for my needs?

    Thank you!

    I forgot to tell you that I never used a Blackberry, so I don't know how good could be its qwerty (ignorance is bliss!!) and my actual phone is a Nokia with Symbian s60 3.2. o.s.....just to let you know that I will be impressed very easily with a new phone, even if it is not the best.

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    go for LG optimus black

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    A Samsung that is comparable to the LG.

    Honestly haven't spent a lot of time with keyboard androids. Scanning the ones out looks as though screen resolution is going to be lacking on most.

    I would investigate blackberry as well, but be sure the apps you need are available for bb os.

    You could consider sliders, as some have excellent keyboards. Honestly, I believe blackberry still does the best physical keyboard amoung all devices.
    Heck, give touch a chance. You would be surprised at how quickly you get used to it.

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