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Went from Blackberry to iPhone to Android. This is my first Android OS phone and ... Android Smartphones forum

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    Just Bought a New Verizon Droid X and need your help!!!


    Went from Blackberry to iPhone to Android. This is my first Android OS phone and I was wondering what were good apps to have and whether a New OS upgrade has come out for the Droid Xand does it include flash. By the way, I love the phone already.

    ~Via Motorola Droid X~

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    I sent you a pm about the apps. You need to see which OS version you're running.
    Go into settings, about phone and look at "Android version". If it says 2.2, you're up to date, but if it says 2.1, then you need to upgrade. You can upgrade by simply by looking at the top of that same page. and selecting "System Updates". It will immediately search for 2.2 and ask you if you wish to upgrade now. Its a huge update so make sure you have a good charge on your battery. And yes, the update comes with full flash.

    Glad you love it now. Just wait until you add a few apps & it really takes off!

    Edit: Definitely look into rooting to really unlock the true power of Android and give you a super Droid X. Especially if you need FREE wifi tethering! Rooting 2.1 is easier than rooting 2.2, so keep that in mind before you update. For more info on rooting, take a look at this thread:

    If you decide its something you want to do, I can send you all the links you need to gain root.

    Plenty app suggestions in this thread:
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