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Seems like with all the advancements in technology we have no privacy anymore. Reading this ... Android Smartphones forum

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    is this not a little scary to everyone


    Seems like with all the advancements in technology we have no privacy anymore. Reading this article at Android Central sorta freaks me out,

    So far, the only real facial recognition technology we're seeing in Android is for unlocking the device, but Viewdle has clearly explored the space in a number of directions that Google and Motorola could take. Tagging photos from the camera, touchless gesture recognition, and augmented reality are just some of the areas Viewdle has been working in. Best of all, some of their technology can work locally on the device, so you don't even have to rely on a data connection to get these things working. We saw the technology in action last year, and it seemed to be working pretty smoothly.
    So, how would you guys like to see Motorola and Google implement these features in Android? Are they simply additions to the native camera app, or should they be folded into something like Google Goggles? There was a lot of concern over privacy awhile back when Google first started about facial recognition; are you worried about Google and advertisers knowing what you look like?
    Just seems like everything is going to far. Will Facebook soon be tagging us automatically in pictures?

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    LOL! Yeah, it's only a matter of time. A lot of this stuff has probably already been developed in Area 51.

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    If ya got a face like mine you have nothing to worry about. I break the cameras.

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    Eavesdropping is considered heinous. How do we qualify this?
    I for one, already being somewhat adverse to Facebook, Twitter and all apps that pry into my life, I try and avoid them totally or use Facebook to the minimum, and usually because of peer pressure.
    You can imagine what I think of this one...

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    you know what? I don't care! I don't have nothing too long as they don't intervent in my life I dont' care if someone knows where i took a picture or whatever...we are all part of the game and guess what you choose it! nobody ever made you register to Facebook and nobody ever made you by a smartphone...

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