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OK, some of us here are a little....excited...nuts about....crazy for the upcoming rollout of ICS. ... Android Smartphones forum

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    ICS. Getting some tastes before it launches


    OK, some of us here are a little....excited...nuts about....crazy for the upcoming rollout of ICS. Now it will be months before carriers start pushing it out. So perhaps you like that lockscreen, or the facial recognition, or you want to see that launcher. OK, well I can help.

    First lets check out how to get the honeycomb style lockscreen.
    First download Magiclocker from the Market

    Then, after its installed (read the pop ups so you know what's going on) download this theme for it

    You will now have the lockscreen. Best part is its free so you can try it to see if you like it first. The paid them allows customization of the shortcuts.

    How about a facial recognition lock for apps ? It works well, but set up the pin just incase

    Now, would you like a (limited) preview of the launcher? Then try this. Keep in mind its just a basic launcher, and still a work in progress. It will just give you an idea of what to expect. There's almost no customization at this point.

    There are also some themes showing up for golauncher, adw, and launcherpro. Just do a search of the Market and you'll find em.

    How about that cool analog clock widget? Here ya go

    Rooted running CM7? Well check out this theme. Its a paid theme, but with an adw ics theme installed for the dock of works well. There are also other colors than blue.

    Hope this helps or entertains, or eases the wait. If you want, you can search the interwebs for the music and market apk from ics, but its touch and go getting them to work reliably on gingerbread. You can also find the wallpapers.
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    Thank-you kindly Jay Good appetisers for the weekend.

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