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HulloMail Android G1 app available now Before Christmas we released our Android client app giving ... Android Smartphones forum

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    HulloMail refines voicemail for the G1


    HulloMail Android G1 app available now
    Before Christmas we released our Android client app giving you faster and easier access to your voicemail than ever before.

    The downloadable app provides a simple optimised view of your voicemails. You can see a list of messages and choose which ones to listen to, without having to your waste time listening to messages you don't want to hear.

    In response to user feedback, we've also improved your experience with some additional nifty features. There's now a button to toggle the speakerphone on and off so you can choose to listen to your messages privately to avoid embarrassing moments, or out loud when you're alone. Also, when you receive a new voicemail, you now get both a visual and audio alert - the audio can be customised with your sound of choice.

    HulloMail announce Google contact integration
    So you can't remember every phone number that drops into your voicemail inbox? Google contacts can, and we've now made HulloMail sync with it easily.

    HulloMail can now sync all your Google contact information to integrate fully with your inbox, meaning you can easily see who a message is from by name, email address and even a photo if you've allocated mugshots to your friends.

    All you have to when registering for the service is click for Hullomail's synced service and input your Google user name and password. If you're one of our new Android app users, on the G1, and you're registered for the synced service, you don't have to do a thing. Those not using the sync service can get synced in by logging in at

    What is HulloMail?
    Hullomail is free voicemail that's yours to keep. Through a simple registration process we take your voicemails and convert them into an mp3 file and drop them into your inbox. Our technology works for any email account and seamlessly syncs with Gmail, MobileMe or any IMAP4 email account. We will soon be syncing with Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail too, so whatever email you use, HulloMail will easily sync with all of your online and mobile communications.

    To learn more, please visit or watch a demonstration on YouTube.

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    So its basically the iPhone's VVmail with Google Sync added to it ?
    Great app ! Since the iPhone's VVmail is already amazing.

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