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    HTC: 'most phones launched in 2010 will get Android 2.2


    HTC.jpg Via Now that Froyo has gone official, HTC has hurried to reassure its customers that most of its 2010 phone catalog will indeed be riding Android 2.2 before the year is through. Prodded on the subject by Pocket-lint, the company has replied that it's starting out with the Desire and Incredible and working through other "hotly anticipated products," which should sound a reassuring note for prospective Evo 4G owners.

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    I read that the new MyTouch 3G Slider coming to T-Mobile June 2nd, will also be on the list.

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    I think we'll start to see faster updates due to how fast android software is advancing. They already said that gingerbread wool be coming in Q4. That's early 2011 for those that need to know. So I suspecting by fall we'll stay to see the updates officially. Though if you are a nexus or motorola droid owner you are going to see froyo way before then. I know the nexus, we'll see about motorola. It took them for ever to get 2.1.

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    Just give the devs a few days once Google releases Froyo to the open source rooted Droid peeps will have our 2.2 ROMs no problem Motorola and VZW can take their time because I won't use their official updates Pete's Bugless Beast ROMs!
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    You got that right Azstar! I'm really looking forward to the next REAL Droid from Motorola. They really put a lot into the Droid and even with all the new hardware releasing, the Droid still has the best screen res, batt life, build quality, separate GPU for games, and physical keyboard. It really holds its own.
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