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    Part 1. Replace your recovery image.

    There are two methods you can use to replace your recovery image. One is automatic and exposes a security hole in Android build CRC1 or lower. The manual method takes longer, but it should be future proof and always work. Read the description of each method before deciding which to use. I suggest Method A for being the quickest.
    Method A – Automatically replace your recovery image with FlashRec

    The purpose of this method is to use a bluetooth security exploit that existed in Android build CRC1 or lower. It downloads and installs the Cyanogen recovery image to your phone. Using this method is preferred because it does not overwrite your radio and SPL file like the manual install method. Future updates to Android are likely to block this hack, but you should always be able to revert to the official CRC1 build and gain access using this method.

    * Difficulty: Easy (1-click)
    * Works on US T-Mobile and myTouch 3G
    * Does not work on other HTC Magic (32A) phones
    * Time: 5 minutes
    * Required Equipment: T-Mobile G1 or myTouch 3G
    * Suggested Equipment: SD card reader, extra microSD card, USB phone cable
    * Works with Android build CRC1 or lower. Go to Settings > About phone > Phone build
    * Replaces recovery image only. Does not overwrite radio or SPL

    A1. Download and install the 1-click root app flashrec-20090815.apk

    First we need to download the application file that was created by Zinx. This file is named flashrec-20090815.apk and can be located at . I suggest downloading the file on your PC to avoid corruption. Copy the app to your SD card and install it using your favorite file manager like Astro or AppManager.

    A2. Launch the FlashRec application and backup your current recovery image

    Before you can flash a new recovery image, you must backup your original once first. Press the large button that says “Backup Recovery Image

    A3. Flash the new Cyanogen recovery image

    After backing up your recovery image, you should see a message that says “Backed up”. Now you should see the button “Flash Cyanogen Recovery 1.4″ light up. Click the button to perform the flash and do not touch your phone until you see “Flashed new recovery image.” When you see the flashed image below it is ok to reboot your phone and check that the new recovery image loaded.

    Stop and Verify: Reboot your phone with the steps below to see if the new recovery image is loading correctly.

    * Power off your phone.
    * Press and hold the Home key and then power the phone back on.
    * You should be greeted by the new Cyanogen recovery image screen.

    Now that you have the Cyanogen recovery image, you can begin flashing custom builds of Android. Jump to the bottom for Part 2: Install a custom build of Android.

    Part 2. Install Custom Android Build.

    Now that the hard parts are over, we are ready to install a custom build of Android. There are many to choose from and I will let you decide what to flash. For daily use, I suggest using the latest stable release from Cyanogen. For a complete list of ROM’s, visit the Android ROM Build Database. Make sure you read the release notes of each build before you flash it. Some builds are made for foreign HTC phones and will not work on US HTC models. The myTouch 3G is referred to as a HTC Magic 32B. Some builds for the G1 also require the latest radio image and SPL file(see steps B3 and B4 above). These builds should be considered experts only.

    All rom files come in zip format. Download the rom of your choice and place it in the root directory of you SD card.

    * Power off your phone.
    * Boot into recovery mode. (Press and hold the Home key, then hit the power button).
    * Before you flash a rom file, perform a wipe. Press Alt+W to wipe the data and cache folders. You must wipe when going form different builds of Android.
    * Wait for the wipe to finish and the recovery image to display again, then select “apply any zip from sd”. Flash the zip file of your choice.
    * After flashing any zip you should be able to reboot your system and watch it load to the home screen.

    After changing Android builds, it came take several minutes for the first boot. If you phone hangs on the animated Android logo, this is because you did not perform a wipe. If you are stuck in a boot loop, return to the recovery image and make sure you wipe.
    I recommend downloading Cyanogen's ROM updater from the Android market place for latest releases and you can download and install ROMS straight to your divice.

    (SOURCE http//
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    Excellent write up.
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    Great "cook book" my man- but other than to say that the second method is manual, I didn't find a "b3 and b4" above ( I used method "A" anyway). But with that said- very straight forward- Chris aka riffman aka "still trying to learn Android theme construction"
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    when i click backup recovery images, it says its unable. any suggestions?
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    ok i did it with much help from rdills, thanks, your the man. i installed cyan 4.2.2. its kinda cool. still playin around with it. what other roms do you guys use?

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