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    Hero 2?


    "We’ve just been hit up by a source close to HTC, and let’s just say the Android invasion (of high quality Android devices, at least) has only just started. One of our connects let us know that while Google will be looking to sell an AT&T 3G-compatible Nexus One directly through their web store (just like we previously reported), the actual AT&T unit will be the HTC Desire. It will also apparently go to market on AT&T shelves as the HTC Desire as well. This will give AT&T users HTC’s Sense UI, but we’ve been told the physical attributes of the unit might change from the HTC Desire that we’ve all seen. Nothing major, just possibly some material/finish/color changes to the casing. We have been told to expect the HTC Desire to land on AT&T in the May to June timeframe.

    Now, on to our boys and girls at Sprint. We have been told Sprint will be continuing their HTC Android tradition with the HTC Hero2. That device, will indeed be the HTC Legend, except it will apparently be slightly modified. Just like Sprint’s original HTC Hero was. Our contact hasn’t seen the device first hand so we can’t be sure what kind of changes are in store, though if history is any indicator, we don’t think a little more rounded and less edgy look would be outside the realm of possibility. We have no release timetable for the Sprint HTC Hero2 at this time.

    Remember, this isn’t confirmed — the pieces fit together perfectly — but we felt it was worthy enough to warrant a post."

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    I feel like I'm seeing double. Saw this same post on CB earlier today didn't I?
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    I have heard about this too. I also have heard some hints that it will be a 4G device

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