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This Custom ROM has all the bells and whistles for me right now and is ... Android Smartphones forum

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    This Custom ROM has all the bells and whistles for me right now and is what I currently run on my device. To let you know right up front I'm just winging this so take it easy on me.

    First of all I would like to give all the credits where they belong for the developers as XDA are really super and very patient for the most part considering the requests, complaints and problems posted in their treads.

    This ROM is posted by TheDude, who broke ground for 4.3 and Hercules development. He has some other ROM's that I will be featuring as well.

    I use Apex Pro for my launcher, Rom ToolBox Pro, BeWeather, Trickster MOD, Advanced Task Manager, Greenify, to control how and what goes on from my device on a daily basis. I will be starting a discussion on apps sometime in the near future as well.

    My home screen is simple and I control everything using the App Bar, and SlimPIE, along with the Apex Pro Behavior settings.

    Home Screen.png SystemUI.png Device-ROM.png

    Next I will feature the App Bar. Here you can place what apps you like or frequently use and you can position the command left, right, top, bottom and your apps are at your finger tip and gone out of sight when not used. That's what I love about it because I want to see my wallpaper. If you are going to cobble it up then a wallpaper is of no value in my opinion anyway. Below you will see what it looks like on the screen and a bit about setting it up.

    App Bar.png AppBar Selection.png AppBar Settings.png AppBar Settings1.png

    Now we will move on to the fun feature SlimPIE. It took me a while to buy into this feature, now I won't run a ROM without it. Between this and App Bar I don't even use the app screen at all. This works a lot like the AppBar as far as it's placement on the screen. As you will see by the screen shot mine is set transparent with a highlight on the button I choose. You can have a app or action set on short press and set up for long press as well getting two stations per button.

    SlimPIE.png SlimPIE1.png SlimPIE2.png SlimPIE3.png SlimPIE4.png

    This ROM also has the HALO feature which if you are not familiar with it has a floating button which allows you to access notifications, and any other app you choose to place in the feature. You can access a email or text and not loose what you are currently using. I'm not too familiar with it, I have played with it but find it's my cup of tea.

    If you have questions, feel free to ask me or check out the Rom thread at XDA Devs.

    For now have a great day.

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    Cool stuff. Thanks Craig!

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