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After successfully launching aHome, mAPPn, a mobile application development company whose emphasis is largely placed ... Android Smartphones forum

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    Post FreshFace, a Homescreen Customization Application for Android Market


    After successfully launching aHome, mAPPn, a mobile application development company whose emphasis is largely placed on the development of utility and gaming applications, partnered with T-Mobile USA, Inc. on FreshFace, a homescreen customization application that will help T-Mobile customers personalize their new T-Mobile myTouch 3G with Google. Available exclusively for download on Android Market, FreshFace is one of the new and noteworthy applications T-Mobile is highlighting as part of their AppPack, also available on Android Market.

    “FreshFace is one of the easiest ways T-Mobile customers can choose to make their myTouch 3G look unique and cool!” said Terry Tan, CEO of mAPPn Inc. “Our relationship with T-Mobile to help develop the application to be truly customizable has helped take it to the next level of customization.”

    Created by mAPPn, in partnership with T-Mobile, FreshFace is a homescreen personalization application available for download on Android Market that allows the homescreen of a device to be fully customizable with a variety of fancy themes and delicate widgets. FreshFace also provides a setup wizard to guide customers through the application features. By using this powerful application, myTouch customers can easily download pre-designed themes or customize the desktop/home screen with their own selections/images. In addition, there is a variety of other themes to select - both free and priced - that can be downloaded and stored on the device’s memory card.

    Founded in 2009 by Terry Tan, mAPPn's primary focus lies in the development of utility applications for the Google Android operating system. aHome, which has advanced icon management system and setting options, is one of the most popular home application in Android Market and has generated great interest among today's top mobile and media companies.

    mAPPn will continue to evolve and develop customized content services and delivery platforms for users that will truly improve Smartphone experiences.

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    I actually like this app. but I use it on the G1... screw the myTouch... no keyboard = no way!

    Now if only there were more widgets and themes in the download section and I didn't have to constantly surf through the marketplace I'd be super duper stoked!

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    I appreciate you sharing that "Freshface" works on the G1- I just got mine a week ago and love it- sold my Bold because it had gotten boring. And I agree with you on the keyboard issue. I would hate being forced to use a touchscreen all the time. I like being able to use either.- chris aka riffman
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    Whoa gotta check this out after work!
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