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I have the Samsung Exhilarate from AT&T...since upgrading my os to ICS my phone has ... Android Smartphones forum

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    Exhilarate issues since upgrade.


    I have the Samsung Exhilarate from AT&T...since upgrading my os to ICS my phone has gone crazy. I have pulled the battery, scanned files and apps, freed up memory...deleted text and call logs...nothing fixes the problem. When I have the data turned on I am having trouble staying on the web or playing games that require data. The phone vibrates in a weird way ( haptic and vibrate are off) it freezes and sometimes the screen goes buttons will light up. It is very annoying ....any one else having this problem! Any idea on how to fix this problem?

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    Did this happen right after the upgrade?
    Did you install anything else that could be having issues?

    I did some searching and there are a few devices similar to yours that have had some issues on AT&T after ics. Most have tried a factory reset, but that hasn't always solved the issue. Factory reset will wipe the device and put it back to Gingerbread. Pretty much as it came out of the box.

    I'd like to have an answer, but honestly the beat bet is to contact AT&T.

    If you go the reset route keep in mind that you will most likely have to redownload all your apps. Your sd card data should remain intact, which is where the data for said apps is stored.

    Beyond that I'm at a loss. There is little other than screen problems showing up as issues.

    Let us know, or give me more specifics as to what happened, when, what exactly were the steps done prior to the problems. Since you aren't rooted I can only guess that the update installed improperly. Unfamiliar with AT&T but was the update downloaded over the air or did you use kies ?

    Its early here, 3am. Ill check back in a few hours.
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    This is a shot in the dark, but could it be the Chrome browser? It's known to play up. And that's why you're getting heptic feed back as well. If it's so uninstall it and use the standard browser of your phone.
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