Do you want to change a new phone every month? Would you like to have latest devices before they're released to the public? You're so lucky that you're reading this news, because you guys have the chances to be Elephone testers.
Before every product is released, we're going to recruit 10 testers. Free samples will be sending to them directly from Elephone. We'll select a candidate from one nation, so the lucky one would have the exclusive news in his/her country.
Candidate requirements:
1. Smartphone geek / Elephone fan
2. Person who attends mobile conventions and has great networking ability
3. Person who has popular smartphone blogs, websites, forums and magzines
If you're qualified above requirements, please email us:
Title as " Smartphone tester", and introduce yourself to us. We'd like to know about you.
Now, we're looking for testers for P3000s and P4000, check our websites for details about the phones.