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    Question Droid X "Gallery" failing to start


    Anyone else having this problem? I have four friends with Droid X's (none rooted and latest firmware installed). In the past couple days, every single one of them is doing the same thing, we all have different apps, etc. When you click on Gallery, it will start to open, show one folder of the main screen and the camera icon at the bottom, then just close with no error message. It will still open a downloaded picture if you choose it from your list of available apps for that. I use QuickPic so it's not a huge problem for me, but I would rather it was working than not. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    I use the app "quickpic"
    It's fast and has the features you would need.

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    I realize your rooted, but are you each on the same ROM? I ask because if you are it could be a bug.
    What OS version? What did it do before root?

    A sorta solution (really not sure if it works).
    Download Terminal Emulator from the Market. Open it up and type su at the $ (should look like this $su)
    Hit Enter.
    at the # prompt type fix_permissions

    Also check System/apps for the gallery app. Using root explorer and long press, choose set permissions. Make sure it's rw-r-r.

    if all is as it should be your can use quickpic as Harvestor said. It's a far better gallery replacement and it's free. I use it on all ROMs.

    Oh, and did you use titanium backup and restore the gallery? if so did you choose "app and data" as the restore? Never restore syo\stem apps data with Titanium. They almost always get hosed. If you did do that uninstall and re install gallery without the data. Your pics are stored on the sd card and aren't included in said data.

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