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Agreed 100%.... Android Smartphones forum

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    Agreed 100%.
    ​Galaxy S4 Red

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    Quote Originally Posted by jfcooley View Post
    Knew I shouldn't have clicked "view post".

    So uhm, how? Please tell the rest of us what Google has on you that all others don't. We know Apple NEVER tracks anything.

    Are you concerned about devs having your address? I can promise you with 100% certainty thar not a single one would want to visit you. Believe me...

    Hyperbole. My friend, if you want to be anonymous online than:
    A. You're going about it ALL wrong.
    B. Well, really...little point in putting effort into any more.

    (Promise to self....don't click the view post again. Let ignore ride.)
    if you want your contact details handed out to ten thousand telemarketers by the developer to make more money then be my guest

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    Idont have to read it.

    I know my reply would be "Tighten that tin foil hat and relax"

    Bet I'm right.

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    Geez so much paranoia?
    I'd be far more worried about PinStack programmable drones we can send down south...

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    my Android LG headset is nothing special compared with other brands i have used before.

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    I managed to pick the cherry of the lot, Nexus 4. Updates are razor quick and the phone is drool-worthy any given day. Having grown accustomed to the skinned experience with my HTC EVO 3D, the simplistic UI felt a little less at first. But having used it for a good 4 months now, the only thing I have got to say is WOW!
    All that is left is vengeance..a vendetta.

    Nokia Communicator E90 :: Lumia 720 :: Nexus 4

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