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Here's a good hands-on review: Android Smartphones forum

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    Comprehensive G1 Analysis


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    My coworker and I had discussed the possibility of implementing the G1 for the company we represent so I decided rather than purchasing one that I would take a look at one first. I went to a T-mobile kiosk not long ago to physically take a look at the G1 just to see what this device had to offer. Right off the bat I really didn't care much for how unsturdy the phone is. When I revolved the screen to reveal the full keyboard it really felt like it is something that most of my users could easily break. Looking at the design of the phone as a whole I also didn't care much for the styling pulling a lot of its cues from the smart phones of the early millenium. Unfortunately I was not able to demo a live one but found that the phone does not support Lotus Notes so it is not feasible within my company to run this device. That was enough for me so I handed the device back to the representative and went on my way. The author of that report mentions that he considers the G1 to be the adult version of the Sidekick and from looking at the options on the box I think it was well put.

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