I am currently with Rogers now, and my contract is almost ending (the end of August)
Therefore, I am looking to switching to different plan and getting a new phone.
Originally, I wanted to stay with Rogers but their HTC phone only up to Magic which is two level below Legend
(Dream -> Magic -> Hero -> Legend -> Desire)
than I found out that Bell have HTC Legend, so now I am trying to decide whether to stay with Rogers and get X10 or change to Bell and get Legend
The reason I don't like X10 too much and wanted Legend is because X10 is kinda big to fit into pockets and it doesn't support multi-touch (no zoom in/out by fingers) and the most important of all...it's still in Android 1.6 whereas Legend is 2.1

Can people give me some suggestion or experience using Rogers - X10 and Bell - Legend??
both phone-wise and company network-wise will help (don't know if Bell has better reception or not)