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So I have Titanium Backup, but not sure if it will do what I want, ... Android Smartphones forum

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    Backup and Restore


    So I have Titanium Backup, but not sure if it will do what I want, which is to help me restore my device apps, settings, folders, etc after I flash a ROM. Anybody know if Titanium does this? If not, is there an app that does so I don't have to spend hours setting stuff back up the way I like?

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    I had Titanium running, long ago. It did pretty well with backups and all but I never managed to get everything set up the way it was. I had to launch most of the stuff manually and it took just as much work, almost, as if I hadn't backed up anything. I'm referring to the UI, the running apps and widgets. As far as docs, music and all that, there wasn't a problem. I don't use it any more.

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    Here's what I have and do, and can flash a new build and be set up within 20 min or less

    1. I use Nova Prime for my launcher which sets up my homescreen, button gestures, and widget's
    2. I use Rom Toolbox Pro which I can restore all my apps to there settings and current data. If I add an app I can add to my backup by backing up just the new apps and data. I can also remove bloatware, or any other annoying app I don't need. This app also gives me access to all my folders where I can edit, look at, move, delete, etc. I have full access to my SDCard as well.

    If I dirty flash my updated rom, I have to do nothing everything remains the same. I flash my new build, gapps, kernal, font package all at the same time.
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    If you're using a secondary launcher (nova, epic, apex) folder/widget/icon are backed up within TiBu as that launchers data. You can also backup settings forost launchers from within their settings. Always a good idea.

    Settings for apps chosen to be backed up will be retained. However not for system apps. I would not suggest using TiBu for restoring any kind of system data beyond WiFi access points and maybe backed up texts.

    Google will back up data for its apps and any within the play store for you separately if you wish. Settings/backup & reset. If the first option is checked you will have a cloud backup of the data etc (supposedly...I never use it). It did keep gmail settings for me accident.

    As well. If you are on TW and install a newer version of said ROM you may restore the /data partition from a twrp backup.
    Choose advance restore while in twrp backup/restore and choose your option. This can lead to headaches if major changes within a ROM but shouldn't be too bad if you are TW to TW.

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