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    I love my Bold 9700, nevertheless I have itchy feet and may be looking to try an Android touch screen device for a while. I've discovered through the years that I'm unable to use the same phone for an extended period - lol - and now I've used the 9700 for 4 months, it seems it may be time to move on. Before I go to Android, though, I'm interested in knowing how strong its PIM applications are: Calendar, recordkeeping, calculator, if there's a Memo Pad, Word-to-Go, etc. The primary reason I've been a BlackBerry guy is its ability to keep me organized, and need a new device to do the same! Does anyone have any comments on the strength of Android PIM?

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    I'm no expert in these functions, but I'll take a guess and say, not as good as the BB out of the box. But add a few apps, do a little research, and you can have as good or most times better functionality. If you're willing to learn Android there's not a better OS for personalizing your needs.
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    Android marketplace has been increasing and while they are no apple, I'm sure there IS an app for what you are looking for.
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    If you are a google apps user, ie gmail, google calendar, etc then you will have a better more integrated PIM experience. There is a calculator, and there are the familiar free and premium versions of Data Viz's Docs To Go as well. There is no native memo pad app, but there are several very good free apps that will meet your needs like 3banana(snaptic), Evernote, Note Everything just to name a few. No native password keeper, but a free app called Keeper that works great and has a desktop version you can purchase and sync between your device and desktop if you wish.

    One thing to note, Android has been changing rapidly, devices that are only a year old are already severely outdated.....if you decide to experiment with Android by picking up a used older model, you will not have a great experience compared to the newest devices.
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    Having used the Moto Droid and a current owner of the Droid Incredible when it comes to PIM rdills is correct. This is what I still like about my BB. The calendar, memo pad, password manager, etc... is set up/works better/more integrated than Android...for now. At the rate Android is moving though it's just a matter of time though. Keep that in mind. Just my 2 cents.

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    In my opinion the calender, and the word to go are just as good if not better than Blackberry. Just my opinion though.
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