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Well, I'm just making sure that people aren't misled by an extremely dubious website, which ... Android Smartphones forum

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    Well, I'm just making sure that people aren't misled by an extremely dubious website, which reports one major fact that is not substantiated by the work I've seen happen in the Android Open Source project.

    I don't doubt that there will be a G2 of some sort running Android in the future, but that website doesn't show it. Anyone who spent a few dollars and an hour in Photoshop could have come up with that website.

    I think it is our responsibility, as Pinstackers, and enlightened individual to take such claims with a grain of salt, and dig deeper when things smell of rotting fish. That's part of why this website is a nice place to come for information.

    No offense intended to you, archer6.

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    My original post clearly stated - here are some pics of the G2. That's it. Nothing more.

    At no time did I refer to the site they were posted on as "official". However that said, I have seen the next gen which those images resemble & simply wished to share what I learned with fellow stackers.

    Why suddenly someone decided to get so serious, ignore the positive context of the original post, and turn this into some big deal, is beyond me. That rather cynical viewpoint was then escalated to the level of a full blown investigation as to the authenticity of a site that simply posted a few images.

    It's just crazy that in good faith & for the enjoyment of others, I provide a link with a few images & nothing more. No solicitations, no store, nothing. And it gets turned into this. The message is loud & clear, "don't share with us".

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    I do not know if the site is real or not, but android and t-mobile need to step it up. G1 is hot but its too bulky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by archer6 View Post
    I was just having fun as I thought you were joking around about it being fake, so I joked about T-Mobile. The link I provided is very real. T-Mobile & Google are working very well together & they want people to know about it. They are taking the approach that if the potential buyers see how serious they are, there will be no question that the Android is here to stay. They know they are playing catch up & want people to be aware of their commitment to build a serious competitor in the touch screen arena.

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    Umm, you clearly stated that the site was real. I can understand posting a speculation/story in light spirit but the way you was describing the G2 and the site just didn't seem right (feels a bit spam/fanboy like). Please don't get upset if someone serious came in here to let other ppl knows that the site is fake when you yourself was saying the opposite. It the internet after all, it is kinda stupid to get upset at other peoples over the internet anyway lol.

    In all honesty, I'm happy that thyth posted the details just to let peoples know that this is fake becuase something like this MIGHT convince a few peoples to make bad choices on whether to upgrade or not to other devices. I'm currently trying to upgrade/switch to a newer phone and if I had the money, I would've probably ended up wasting the extra money trying to get the G1 or to wait for the G2 to come out if I had believed that the site was real.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deafcyclist View Post
    Please don't get upset if someone serious came in here
    I'm not upset, I could care less. Have at it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssnxp View Post
    I dunno. I feel like the second gen should be.. vastly different. I feel that this may be a fake.
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    I heard that the g2 is suppose to come around spring time and the g3 is currently in the works which is really impressive. This might be the year for t-mobile with the blackberry 8900 g1, g2, g3, samsung omnia just to list off the top of my head.
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    When your surrounded by the Palm Pre, Iphone 3gs and T-mobile mytouch (G2) makes me wonder about blackberry.

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    2009 will bring a host of Android powered Smartphones from a variety of manufacturers. This is the year that will matter for Android.

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    That looks nice........................

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    TP2 :D
    Looks great in OS wise, but I don't like the design.
    T-Mobile HTC Touch Pro2 & I'm not coming back! :D


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    Link Not Real

    Here is the whois registered for the website and its a personal registration not a corp reg. See for youself at

    * Also I would like to point out that if you google map that address all I see is a cingular store.

    Domain ID154319900-LROR
    Domain Name:ANDROIDG2.ORG
    Created On:25-Sep-2008 14:03:08 UTC
    Last Updated On:25-Nov-2008 03:51:40 UTC
    Expiration Date:25-Sep-2009 14:03:08 UTC
    Sponsoring Registrar:eNom, Inc. (R39-LROR)
    Registrant ID:8abe83600d6
    Registrant Name:WhoisGuard Protected
    Registrant Organization:WhoisGuard
    Registrant Street1:8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd. #110 -
    Registrant Street2:
    Registrant Street3:
    Registrant City:Westchester
    Registrant State/Province:CA
    Registrant Postal Code:90045
    Registrant Country:US
    Registrant Phone:+1.6613102107
    Registrant Phone Ext.:
    Registrant FAX:
    Registrant FAX Ext.:
    Registrant Email:dfebba35491445438ab054c8d776dcdc.protect@who
    Admin ID:8abe83600d6
    Admin Name:WhoisGuard Protected
    Admin Organization:WhoisGuard
    Admin Street1:8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd. #110 -
    Admin Street2:
    Admin Street3:
    Admin City:Westchester
    Admin State/Province:CA
    Admin Postal Code:90045
    Admin Country:US
    Admin Phone:+1.6613102107
    Admin Phone Ext.:
    Admin FAX:
    Admin FAX Ext.:
    Admin Email:dfebba35491445438ab054c8d776dcdc.protect@who
    Tech ID:8abe83600d6
    Tech Name:WhoisGuard Protected
    Tech Organization:WhoisGuard
    Tech Street1:8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd. #110 -
    Tech Street2:
    Tech Street3:
    Tech City:Westchester
    Tech State/Province:CA
    Tech Postal Code:90045
    Tech Country:US
    Tech Phone:+1.6613102107
    Tech Phone Ext.:
    Tech FAX:
    Tech FAX Ext.:
    Tech Email:dfebba35491445438ab054c8d776dcdc.protect@who
    Name Server:NS1.DREAMHOST.COM
    Name Server:NS2.DREAMHOST.COM
    Name Server:
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    We use whois all the time, nothing new about that. The funny part of this is some negative skeptic decided to cast doubt just to draw attention to themselves...heh! The link was posted merely because it had some pictures that are accurate representations of the G2. Anyone with any knowledge about the Android project would know this.
    Pretty funny if you ask me. The private eye syndrome...ha..ha..ha..
    The're only pictures....chill out....why stress?
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    Well, they better clear up some stuff in version 2:

    And here's something on who's readying the Android invasion for '09:

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    The key is to remember the G1 is the first version of a brand new concept. Anyone who expected perfect operation is disconnected from reality. Look at RIM they can't even deliver the Storm without problems. Look at all the problems both obvious & hidden in the iPhone.

    No matter what the specifics of the G1 are, it's history in the making. Fresh technologies being implemented in the name of progress and choices. To compare the G1 against other established phones is irrelevant. Obviously Android will grow & prosper, it's got one of the largest, most successful, cash rich companies behind it. Also make no mistake it's not the G1 that I'm standing up for. It's innovation. What becomes of the G1 is of little consequence, as it the fact that there is a sea of companies lined up & waiting to align themselves with this project.

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    I will definitely be an adopter of the soon to be G2. I REALLY liked Android's first try and LOVE the OS but i CANNOT keep up with the design of the unit.

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