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Well, I am no longer a formal student, but I did find uses for a ... Android Smartphones forum

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    10 Android Apps For The Tech-Savvy Student


    Well, I am no longer a formal student, but I did find uses for a few of these apps, I really like that "Color Dictionary" and some of them I already have, its a great "Reference Tools" article for your Android, worth checking out.

    "If you’re a student, an Android phone could be one of your most valuable tools. From looking up a word in the dictionary to recording a lecture while browsing the web, Android has it mostly covered.

    The tools available for students also provide a compelling answer to the question, “Is multi-tasking really necessary?” Unlike the iPhone, Android’s background processing capability allows apps from independent developers to keep their current state when you switch to another app. That means you can switch through multiple non-native apps without losing information."

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    Thanks, checking out colordict now. Trying to catch up with what I missed while on my cruise
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    downloaded 3 of 'em! would get droid scan, but it's a beta.
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