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Originally Posted by irombeach My OS is the last A1 version (release 81), I haven't ... BlackBerry Multimedia forum

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    ask me


    Quote Originally Posted by irombeach View Post
    My OS is the last A1 version (release 81), I haven't any particular option on BB brower, just go to and select a video, then BB browser call BB Mediaplayer.
    BB Mediaplayer starts playing video after 1-2 second. Nothing else.
    My operator's TIM Italy.
    i am having this same problem with my 8100. it is on cable and wireless network in Jamaica.

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    8100 runing, my carrier is MOVISTAR and still not working ~via BB (

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    ~via BB (

    I tried watching video's but itn won't go through at all, I tried everything. But its always saying to try a different URL, what am I supposed to do?

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    how can i watch video and you tube on my blackberry 8100? im going crazy!

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    Wont work on my 8120 - running 4.5 with unlimited data.

    Any help appreciated- I just get the media player start and it says loading. The icon in the top right shows no communication activity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by neondeception View Post
    If you don't have 4.5.055 OS you can still download and watch youtube videos. I have been doing it for about a year now.

    Go to or on yourberry and unclick stream and search for videos. I have downloaded 4.5mb videos which is about 5 minutes most of the time. You do have to search for the video and then sometimes que it for download, but it usually doesnt take long to do. Longest time is waiting for it to download.

    I use it to put my youtube videos on my phone so I can show friends.
    I don't know how good 4.5 is supposed to be, but cupish works very well.
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