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I was surfing the bb web and seen a link for a video clip of ... BlackBerry Multimedia forum

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    video link ??


    I was surfing the bb web and seen a link for a video clip of a news article. I selected the link and was redirected to the windows media site. To my suprise... my embedded media player will not play it. The question is how do I view a video link while on my bb? Is it possible? Mobile streaming video is in demand. I can't exactly be at home every time I want to view adult videos I mean news clips. I was just joking about the adult video thing. Seriously I was

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    Re: video link ??

    ~via BB (

    Why were you surprised?

    No BlackBerry has ever touted itself as a "media player" until the Pearl. And even the Pearl doesn't really perform all that well compared to other devices currently available.

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    Re: video link ??

    As Lewis stated, no streaming video for bb.
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    while you cant stream you can search and download OTA, up in tell earlier in the week you could watch clips over the air at Tinytubedotnet, no longer works.

    You can however still watch short clips at srobbindotcom and navigate to watching video on a mobile device.

    Be forewarned you can only watch clips that are about 10 seconds or shorter.

    Its a start but not great.

    As of now their is no way to watch mainstream clips using embedded flash players like youtube and cnn etc.

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