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hello. at one point in time, i was successfully able to transfer and listen music ... BlackBerry Multimedia forum

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    Transferring Music


    at one point in time, i was successfully able to transfer and listen music on my curve.
    i recently upgraded to a 4gb card, transferred all of my old pics/music/video to the new card.....all worked fine, as it did on the 2gb card.

    NOW, when i try and transfer music to the new'll transfer fine, but when i try and play it...i get an "not supported" error message. when transferring, i tried it both "convert for optimal ..." AND "no conversion"....neither worked!

    my music on my pc is mpeg3, from my ipod. these were ALL mp3's at one point, then i suppose they were converted to mpeg3 by iTunes.

    what am i doing wrong?! thanks in advance!

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    Re: Transferring Music

    you had the itunes successfully loaded and playing on the 2gb? odd...

    i would convert the files back to mp3 format, then reload on bb. you can choose in the options on itunes to not convert fully, but actually make a copy of ...

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    Re: Transferring Music

    there are two options on itunes one is to have itunes to automatically manage your music or manually manage your music which that is what you want. by having it manually the format will stay the same as your PC

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