Hey everyone,

This is a spur of the moment thing, but we are having a multi-media clinic today for the BlackBerry devices 81, 83, 88 series.

This is just a test clinic which can be attended for no charge online.

This would be most beneficial for those who have recently gotten their BlackBerry device and need to know how to use Desktop Manager to get movies, pictures, music, etc to their device, as well as a few other of the multi-media features (IE camera, themes, etc).

If you would like to attend this, just register so that we know how many people would be attending, which you can do at

It will shoot you a link with the GLANCE session login and the 800 number to call into.

This is the first class we will be teaching on this, so bear with us, but there should be some good information for the new BlackBerry owners who have never known how to do this.

All feedback/comments are encouraged and appreciated.