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Hey everyone. I am currently a new user for the BlackBerry Pearl with AT&T and ... BlackBerry Multimedia forum

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    Lightbulb Ringtones dont' change


    Hey everyone. I am currently a new user for the BlackBerry Pearl with AT&T and I cannot seem to change my ringtones that have already been selected for individual contacts. I have downloaded new ringtones and I want to change some peoples tones, but even when I delete the existing tone and add the new one, it still rings to the old tone. I went to an AT&T store and the person there tried it and said it could be a software problem and to try to download a patch for this problem, however I have looked everywhere on teh internet for a patch to help change existing ringtones for a contact. PLEASE HELP ME!!! I cannot take the old ringtones much longer...and nothing seems to be working. Any suggestions are GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!
    Thanks ahead of time evryone!
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    Re: Ringtones dont' change

    Welcome to the Stacks Ageidner12. Still having this issue?

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    Re: Ringtones dont' change

    You could try to delete the contact and readd it, then you can add the new ringtone. That may be a temporary solution.

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    Re: Ringtones dont' change

    im not sure if you've got your issue resolved but try going to your profiles>advanced>and then go down to exceptions at the bottom and then press menu and edit exception. that should do that trick

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