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If you want a good source of Ringtone music try It's what MySpace uses ... BlackBerry Multimedia forum

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    Source for Ringtone Music


    If you want a good source of Ringtone music try

    It's what MySpace uses for the playlist on pages you may see.

    If you use Firefox, go get the download helper add on. It will allow you to download all the songs you need to your computer, then you can make a ringtone from it for free.

    There is a link for a ringtone on each song but they charge 9.99 a month. Just because a song is linked doesn't mean they have the ringtone for it.

    I use to make my ringtones.

    This is a tutoral that I found on pinstack that helped me learn how.

    It's not hard to make your own.. it just looks like it is. Take a couple of hours to download and learn. I am computer dumb and I did it. It takes me all of 2 minutes to make my own.

    There are several sites to make your own ringtones but Audacity gives you more control over what the finished product is. What sounds good on your computer may sound like crap on your Blackberry. (I'm still learning)
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    Re: Source for Ringtone Music

    There is an online alternative to Audacity (only one, in fact)
    There are plenty of filters to play with and you can change their order (just drag them up or down). Several output formats supported.

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