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Okay, here's what I want. I want an mp3 player for the Blackberry. I don't ... BlackBerry Multimedia forum

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    resume my podcast


    Okay, here's what I want. I want an mp3 player for the Blackberry. I don't care about album covers, or playlists, or a spinning UI, or anything else. All I want, is for it to do one thing. Here's the situation:

    I'm listening to an hour-long podcast. About 15 minutes in, I decide that I'm done listening for today, and I'll listen to the rest tomorrow. So I stop the player and close the player app. Or maybe I go listen to some song. In any case, I'd like to go back to that podcast at some later time and have it start where I left off.

    Is there any player that can do this? My desktop players have no trouble with this, and neither does my iPod. But so far, I can't find a single mp3 player for the blackberry that can handle this situation. They all want to start over. Anyone have any idea? I keep reading about how such and such a player is *amazing* and has *tons of features*, but so far none of them can do this one thing.


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    Let me know if you find one I hate having to find my spot after listing to half of TWIT of BOLvia BB

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    I don't know either, Father - I'm not much of a podcast listener on the BB yet. I have an ipod too and use it mostly for podcasts...but, welcome to the stacks.

    Maybe one of the users who does a lot of media listening will jump in here and either save the day for you or move you on to another topic (because it can't be done.) Good luck.
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    ~via BB (

    Berrytunes 2.5 will do just want you discribed. They even have a trial version.

    My favorite is the podcasts.

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