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Small but annoying pearl issue. I can't get rid of a tone on the numberpad. ... BlackBerry Multimedia forum

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    numberpad tones


    Small but annoying pearl issue. I can't get rid of a tone on the numberpad. I've set keytones to OFF in the tools / screen/keyboard options but I still get a beep when I press the number keys. Oddly it doesn't happen when I hit any of the letter keys on either side of the number pad, also if I'm using the keyboard to write text and I start with an unnumbered key there's no tone. If I have to dial a number that is not in my address book or use a numbered key first when typing, then there is. Foxed?!

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    Re: numberpad tones

    You can not mute the tones when you press numbers to make a call....


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    Re: numberpad tones

    Can I suggest using the voice dialing feature? I hardly ever manually find the number, I use it all the time

    ~via BB (

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    Re: numberpad tones

    ~via BB ('ve been complaing to RIM about this for about four years without success. My workaround is to put the phone number into an address book entry and then just click on that entry.

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