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Whats up guys I purchased a program called DJ Tone Xpress that i have been ... BlackBerry Multimedia forum

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    I Will Make Ringtones 4 U


    Whats up guys I purchased a program called DJ Tone Xpress that i have been using to make my Ringtones . I have made like 50 or so and they work great on my 8830. The program is only like $17.00 or so on but I think its well worth it . If anybody wants to me to make them a ringtone or two let me know PIN me at 32C2259C . I use music from my personal collection which ranges from ----------------------------------------------
    - Jay-Z - Nas - Fall Out Boy - Say Anything - Fergie - Ne-YO - Justin Timberlake - Timbaland - Chamillionaire -Soulja Boy - Alicia Keys - Michael Buble - Lil Wayne - and many more!!!!!

    I have over 700 Cds so let me know if you have a personal request and what part of the song you want !!!!!
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    Re: I Make Ringtones!!!!

    you should probably get with johnnyedge and cp6169 -- they are the ringtone kings

    check the ringtone thread

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    Re: I Make Ringtones!!!!

    Or you can use for free and make ringtones that you can instantly send to your phone as well.

    I find this much, much easier. Then once you send it to your phone simply copy and paste the download link on the forum for everyone else to download should you want to share.
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    if you have nero wave editor you can make a ringtone.

    here are the instructions....

    1. Open Nero Wave Editor

    2. Open mp3 file that you want to use as a ring tone.

    3. On the toolbar, select edit, manually define markers. Select the start of the ring tone, listen to it in your media player and take note of the time you want the ring tone to start. (Lets say you like the part that's 3 minutes & 21 seconds to 3 minutes & 48 seconds) set that in the manual marker.

    4. The predefined section is now highlighted, the cut button can be used now "The Blue scissors"

    5. Now go to File, New, and press the clipboard to paste reduced mp3

    6. Close the previous mp3, don't save. You do want to listen to the whole song next time.

    7. File Save, Name it, save as type, I like to use Power Pack Lame MP3 Encoder. You can select options to save it @ a certain bit rate. Remember 320kBit, is cd quality, but its can use a lot of memory. Try the 320 1st before you lower the quality. Keep Channel mode @ Stereo. Press Save.

    Now your mp3 is ready to be sent to the phone, u can listen to it in your media player to see if it’s what you want your phone to play.

    it takes some downtime to do this, but you can create some unique rings

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    Re: I Make Ringtones!!!!

    I use DBPoweramp to make my ringtones. All it really does is convert MP3's and other music files to a .wav file, which then allows you to edit the song, (or sound) to the size, or bit you want as a ringtone, or alert sound.

    Once you have edited the .wav file to the size and part you want, using Sound Recorder (XP version, Vista's sound recorder doesn't have editing capabilities) just use DBPpweramp to convert it back to mp3, which can then be sent to your bb via usb, desktop manager, or my preferred method,

    The advantage to using is that the file will be "wap-pushed" which allows for the ringer to not only be sent via mms to other bb's and mp3 compatabile cell phones, it will allow them to be played because it creates a security tag, saying the file has been "purchased" and is useable.

    Oh yeah, costs 8 bucks for a LIFETIME subscription, and allows wap push for 4 seperat numbers. plus, the software is totally free with this LIFETIME subsctiption of $8.

    have fun.

    just be careful, if people know you can make a ringtone, they start to ask for them all the time. I've mde well over 500, and most are for friends of mine...

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