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Okay So i live in Florida and every morning I listen to the Steve Harvey ... BlackBerry Multimedia forum

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    Looking How to Stream Steve Harvey?


    Okay So i live in Florida and every morning I listen to the Steve Harvey morning show. Im moving to Ny and im wondering is there anyway i can stream this show to my sprint Pearl?
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    Isnt Steve Harvey on WBLS in NY?

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    not sure. but i would really like to stream it to my bb

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    ~via BB yes he is on wbls 107.5.

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    Well I couldn't find a direct link to a station that streamed a Steve Harvey show in the correct format for the BlackBerry to recognize.

    All the links I found were flash based imbedded in the sites...

    Although, if you're determined enough, and have a fast data plan, I think you can pull this off (in theory at least)

    What you'll need:
    BB with data plan
    Computer connected to the internet.
    Tools from this PinStack thread:
    -- Stream ANY Audio to your Pearl. and last, but not least, Patience.
    __________________________________________________ _______________


    First set up the BB for radio web streaming...
    **for more info about radio steaming applications, stations, and BB...
    New Streaming radio stations for MFRadio, RadioBee (ver1), MWebPlayer
    (i am currently using MFRadio)

    Now what I would suggest, make sure you can stream other stations to your BB first. (quick note: until we get a 3G BB, CDMA is your best bet for this. Verizon and Sprint have the CDMA network. Right now, AT&T as well as T-Mobile offer GSM, which plays web streams slower on the BB.)

    Once you have verified you can play streaming stations on your BB, move on to using the links from the PinStack "Stream ANY audio"
    Set up all the right tools and so forth (Winamp, Shoucast DSP plug-in, Shoutcast DNAS Server, Jaspers line plug-in.)

    I would suggest trying to stream something from your own music collection on your computer to your BB before moving onto the Steve Harvey show.
    Once you have verified you can stream your own MP3's, Podcasts, etc....
    then open a web browser on your PC. Go to the Steve Harvey link, choose a station to listen to from your browser. You can also use the WBLS site for this as well.

    Once listening to the show on your PC browser, open up Winamp (after setting up the output settings from the "Stream ANY audio" thread)
    From the links at the top of Winamp, go to:
    Options > Preferences > Plug-Ins > DSP/Effect.
    From the DSP/Effect screen, Select: Nullsoft Shoutcast Source DSP, then press the "configure active plug-in" button.
    Under "input device," select "soundcard input."
    Close the plug-in configuration window.

    Play the stream on your BB (with fingers crossed)
    __________________________________________________ _______________

    What you have done at this point is use to Winamp to bounce the flash stream from the PC web browser to your BB.

    Sorry, it's late and I haven't actually tested this as a whole. I have streamed my own music from PC to my BB (when I was with T-Mobile and had a slower data transfer on the BB), but have not tried a web based flash radio station and my Verizon BB. I did get winamp to recognize the radio station via soundcard input, so it should work.

    So if this does in fact work, you would just need to leave a web browser open on your PC playing the Steve Harvey show and Winamp bouncing the stream to your BB radio application.
    __________________________________________________ _______________

    Good luck!
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    Forget Steve Harvey he always trying to give relationship advice and advice to black men but I read on that he treated his ex wife so bad leaving her with no money and even took her son away.

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