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    How to Full Screen Wallpapers


    I just got the Curve from AT&T today and have been installing a variety of themes. They look fantastic however, and I've settled on one. However, I'd like to change the home screen image. I've got the image uploaded but even though I set it as the home screen image, it doesn't show up. It's still the theme wallpaper. It does show up when I go to the applications menu, but it's not full screen. I figured this was an issue with the theme, so I returned back to the default AT&T screen. However, the wallpaper still does not go full screen. The menu bars at the top and bottom remain as the default AT&T theme.

    Any ideas? The image is formatted properly at 320x240.


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    There are some themes out there that do not have a customizable wallpaper to be assigned. Not all themes, but just some. You might have found a theme that won't allow you to use your custom wallpaper. But you will see the wallpaper on your icon screen and lock screen. So it's the theme, not the wallpaper or device.
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    I am not sure about curve but I use 8100 and I did it using following:

    open image using media manager
    select full screen from menu
    and then set it as home screen background.

    It worked for me on 8100.

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    I've got to agree with Justyn, themes like the AT&T theme will have the wrong top and bottom banners when another background it used. Other themes may not have this issue.

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